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Welcome to Czamac Poodles

My name is Maxine Bellingham and my husband Arthur and I live in the Scottsdale area of northern Tasmania with our family of poodles.

Most of life has been spent with dogs, breeding and showing them. I first started in dogs when I was 23yrs old, first with bassett hounds then on to dachsunds and maltese terriers. For the last 25 years I've been involved in poodles exclusively. I started with toy poodles and then moved on to include miniature poodles as well. I've bred and made up many champions along the way in both varieties. Even including one standard poodle, our special girl Zena.

Poodles are a big part of my life and have always been my passion. Arthur is often away from home with his job and my poodles have always been companions and have looked after me as much as I look after them.

Arthur and I moved to Tasmania from Perth, Western Australia, in 2007. We now own an old homestead in the dairy country of northern Tasmania where we raise our poodles and run Carisbrook House Dog Retreat.

Maxine and Arthur Bellingham
Ledgerwood, Tasmania 6353 2328
email: am.bellingham@bigpond.com

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